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I feel that the definition of utopia covers an entire concept of hope for human society. I would define a utopia as an imaginary society in which human potential and general societal welfare is maximized. There are details of the structure of this society and, perhaps most importantly, provides a hopeful glimpse to a possible way of life. The idea of a society that is potentially achievable (without stretching imagination too far) is incredibly important in providing hope that our current way of life can be improved instead of just painting a pretty picture with no actual substance.

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Steve Morris presents a typical argument about people disagreeing regarding the definition of utopia, thus he states: “Even if we had a Utopia, it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.” This is a common fallacy, the idea of people not agreeing about what actually constitutes utopia, it is based upon a failure to understand how . Every crime, every form of dysfunctional behavior, every disagreement, and every religion is based on scarcity. Technology relentlessly pushes us towards a Post-Scarcity situation. All forms of scarcity will be eradicated thus everyone will be perfectly satisfied. Logic in the future will be utterly dominant, all irrationality will be obsolete. The Singularity is about intelligence millions of times greater than human intelligence, we are contemplating at least 20,000 years of progress (based on the rate of progress in year 2001) condensed into only one hundred years. It is a future where everything is free, nobody dies, everybody is eternally young, all governments are abolished, crimes are abolished, and everyone is utterly self-sufficient therefore free to zoom off independently into Space, whereupon people will create strange worlds according to the desires of each individual.

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Utopia is not about being wired to love the status quo. Utopia is about being incredibly powerful and incredibly intelligent, limitlessly so, in a world beyond scarcity. Exploring and improving our reality due to the creative nature of our minds does not mean utopia is impossible. I disagree that the lifestyles of the current rich are utopian from a caveman perspective, that would be a flawed definition of utopia. Utopia is not a relative term.

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