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Every definition on Urban Dictionary was written by a user like you. About a thousand definitions are sent to Urban Dictionary every day, but only half enter the hallowed ranks beside ratchet, Harlem Shake, and Cleveland Steamer. People often email and ask, why didn’t my definition get published? Well, we’d like to know too.

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Over a 30-day period in March and April 2011, 67,000 people wrote 76,000 new definitions for Urban Dictionary, while 3,500 volunteer editors were registered. In an April 2011 article titled "In praise of urban dictionaries", Peckham revealed an overview of 10 rules that he had devised for the site's content: "Publish celebrity names, but reject 'real life' names. Reject nonsense, inside jokes or anything submitted in capital letters. Racial and sexual slurs are allowed, racist and sexist entries are not."

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If you really want to know the definition of a word, you look it up in the dictionary. If it’s a word that kids are using differently than in the conventional way, you usually find yourself looking at the Urban Dictionary. You can find literally anything on Urban Dictionary, including the definition of Urban Dictionary.

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