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To help us come to a closer understanding and useful definition of unconditional love, we will look at the two words unconditional and love. Let us begin with love. When we say love, we are using more than a descriptive word to characterize our experience of life. Love is energy. It is a power that permeates the universe and at times, we glimpse its immense nature through an experience in our world. It is a process and way of living life. It is an expansion of certain qualities we can feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When we engage it, our experience of life expands and evolves.

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But Designing Women was more than comedy. In addition to its groundbreaking depiction of professional women, there was its groundbreaking depiction of Southerners. For once, we weren’t the Beverly Hillbillies (which was actually a terrific show but failed to impact any of my life choices). On Designing Women, we weren’t portrayed as a bunch of alfalfa-sucking, rope-belted yokels with poor diction, hiccuping accents, and a peculiar fondness for gingham. We were, at last, urbane sophisticates with careers, college diplomas, and a pronounced gift for cadence. For a master class in oratory, just YouTube one of Julia Sugarbaker’s tirades. (My favorite, as well as my personal definition of unconditional love, is her “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” speech.)

Them people who give Unconditional love are the true heroes in this world

Back in the early 1990's, TLF Founder, Harold W. Becker, developed a rather unique, and perhaps unconventional, contemporary definition for unconditional love and shared it in his first book, Internal Power - Seven Doorways to Self Discovery. Ever seeking a practical and universal definition, he chose to understand and evolve each of the two words "unconditional" and "love" to their core essence of meaning. Then combining them into one idea he realized a useful insight for applying this profound perspective found in this unique combination of two words. Harold's definition simply stated - "unconditional love is an unlimited way of being".

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