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One would not necessarily associate the word “kosher” with sexy. Harry Stimler and Menachem Senderowicz sought to redefine the conventional definition of kosher dining with the creation of Jezebel, their hip new restaurant across from the Soho Grand on West Broadway. The space is a beautifully converted 100 year old house with a downstairs lounge and upstairs restaurant featuring food by Café Boulud’s Bradford Thompson.

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Likewise, kashrut (kosher) practices have evolved in response to changes in the food industry, Jewish communal life, and world culture.

The growth of complex, industrialized food processing, international ingredient sourcing, and proprietary product formulations paved the way for today's kosher certifying agencies. Kashrut agencies determine the kosher status of prepared foods, and supervise manufacturing processes to ensure that certified products retain their kosher status. printed on food packages aid kosher-seeking consumers in navigating the food marketplace.

As Jews lived in and adopted food traditions from different countries around the world and as different denominations of Judaism developed, have become more varied over time. There are different Jewish ethnic cultures, different branches within Judaism, and various Jewish kosher certifying authorities in the United States that certify kosher based on rules that vary from liberal to conservative.

Furthermore, in recent times . Muslims, who account for 16 percent of the $100 billion-a-year U.S. kosher market, may buy a kosher food product because it fits the . And people who are health-conscious may purchase something kosher because they believe it is healthier and safer as a result of the . Various religious, cultural, health and quality reasons spark their interest in and color their definitions of kosher.

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There is an interesting entanglement case filed in Atlanta, Georgia where Rabbi Shalom Lewis has challenged Georgia’s Kosher Food Labeling Act (OCGA Sec. 26-2-330 ff.) on the ground that it codifies the definition of kosher by the orthodox rabbis.

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