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Scientific facts provide us with information about the ability, limits and the well being of a human body, the basis for kinesiology. By definition kinesiology is the study of human physical activity, making science a very easy way to explain most aspects.

Definition of Kinesiology

the general definition of kinesiology is the study of movement

Lay Definition of Kinesiology
(Specialized) Kinesiology, a non-invasive method using muscle feedback and body awareness, can help you reduce stress and pain; improve performance at school, work and home; in sports; in relationships; and promote health and well-being.

Definition of Kinesiology

Professional Definition of Kinesiology
(Specialized) Kinesiology is an educational, bioenergetic model using muscle testing/monitoring as a primary biofeedback tool to access the whole being’s innate wisdom, facilitating self-regulation for their highest good.

Definition of Kinesiology from the Australian Kinesiology Association