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Competitions will be conducted which challenge writers to express their definition of Karma through a story. Chosen writers will receive grants to complete their stories and a contract providing GABE with the exclusive rights to edit and publish their works as novels in the Defining Karma™ series.

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To answer this question we turned to the Russian scientist and the president of the International Institute of Social Ecology – Vyacheslav Gubanov. Together with his team for the last 20 years he has been conducting practical and theoretical research in the fields of modern and torsion physics, human brain informatics, human potential and other fields. His research that was tested in practice allows him to say that he has found the scientific definition of Karma and explanation of the law of Karma. You can learn more by watching this short video clip from one of the seminars:

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Over time, various schools of Hinduism developed many different definitions of karma, some making karma appear quite deterministic, while others make room for free will and moral agency. Among the six most studied schools of Hinduism, the theory of karma evolved in different ways, as their respective scholars reasoned and attempted to address the internal inconsistencies, implications and issues of the karma doctrine. According to Halbfass,

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