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Analogy Definition: The word analogy derives from the Greek word analogos, which means proportionate. Analogy is a comparison between persons, places, objects or idea for the purpose of explanation. It is just like a relationship between two or more things. Analogy can be distinguished by its fourfold structure or its proportionate ratio. Whenever there are four terms so related that the second term is related to the first, while the fourth is related to the third, then such a relationship is called analogy.

analogy definition

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1. Which of the following statements is the correct analogy definition?
A. A short story with no hidden meanings or deeper significance.
B. A juxtaposition of two things that have nothing in common.
C. A comparison of two things.

analogy definition

Analogy definition: An analogy is a comparison between two things that are quite different in nature. An analogy often explains a complex subject with one that is simpler or more familiar.

analogy definition